MDD Forensic Accountants

MDD is the premier forensic accounting firm in the world with over 40 offices on 5 continents. Sparkplug has worked on MDD’s advertising, digital and web initiatives, positioning the firm as the one to turn to if you need damage assessments that will stand up to even the closest scrutiny. The firm’s growth numbers prove that our efforts have been successful.

Vertical ads along with sell sheet on Cyber Risks.

Broad range of case studies in various business sectors.

Full MDD website.


“Often without a brief or any background information, Stuart does an excellent job of researching the business landscape we operate in and is able to communicate the dry and often complicated subject matter into bitesize, engaging and easy to understand content. Stuart has developed a deep knowledge of our business and also understands our many nuances!  We’re also appreciative of how he has often re-prioritized his work to turn projects around for us within short deadlines.”


Abigail Parlour, 
Global Marketing Manager, MATSON DRISCOLL & DAMICO UK LLP