Greenfootprint Ewaste

We were there from the beginning. Our client wanted to launch an E-waste company that disposed of electronics in an environmentally friendly way. We came up with their name, their tagline and overall look. Then we developed their communication materials and website both of which made their competition green with envy.

Development of name, brand identity and stationary package.

Development of website and sales materials.


“Sparkplug created and designed our entire brand image with perfection. Working with Gayle and Stuart you are assured of getting creative and reliable service tailored to your individual needs, on time! Having an experienced and focused marketing professional like Gayle supporting us, hands on through this process, took the stress out of the unknown and ensured an end product that exceeded our expectations. It is always a rewarding (personally and professionally) experience working with Gayle and Stuart and I look forward to doing it again!”


Megan McGillicuddy, Human Resources and Communications, Xerox Canada