Crescent School

Crescent School is a Toronto-based private school for boys Grades 3-12. Crescent’s edge in an incredibly competitive landscape, is its deep commitment to developing boys of promise into “Men  of Character.” Sparkplug was given the task of leveraging this point of difference, to attract the best candidates to the school. Were we successful? Applications to Crescent are at an all-time high and its enrollment numbers are up substantially earning us an A+ from our client.

Year 1 magazine ads.

Year II magazine ads.

In-school posters integrated with the advertising campaign.

Strategic Plan (lenticular paper version) and School Prospectus.


Strategic Plan in a digitally responsive format.

Sparkplug developed a guerrilla program that was launched on the day boys received their acceptance letters from Crescent. The program encouraged both the boys and their parents to choose the Crescent School over competing schools.

Sparkplug designed and wrote the content for the Crescent School website.


“Gayle and Stuart are smart and strategic communications partners. They completely understand our unique mission and they help us tell our brand story in a compelling manner. They are highly professional and we can count on Sparkplug to consistently deliver quality material across a variety of media.”

Michael Fellin, Headmaster at Crescent School